Liquibase Pro (LBP201)

For new and existing Liquibase users who wish to learn more about Liquibase Pro. Course topics include provisioning Pro capabilities in automation, which rollbacks to use for hotfixes, working with environment variables, and how to build quality gates into automation using quality checks.

Estimated time for completion is 1 hour.

  • Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Learning Environment
  • Liquibase Help Resources
  • Section 1 - Environment Variables
  • Working with Liquibase Pro Environment Variables
  • Benefits of Environment Variables
  • Using Liquibase Environment Variables
  • Setting Liquibase Environment Variables
  • Demonstrating Setting Liquibase Environment Variables
  • Liquibase Pro Environment Variables Best Practices
  • Practice Exercise. Setting Values in Liquibase Environment Variables
  • Section 2 - Quality Checks
  • Liquibase Quality Checks
  • How Quality Checks Work
  • Using Quality Checks
  • Configuring Quality Checks
  • Demonstrating Quality Checks in the SDLC
  • Practice Exercise. Customize Quality Checks
  • Section 3 - Stored Logic
  • What is Stored Logic?
  • Demonstrating Using Stored Logic with Liquibase Pro
  • Stored Logic Versioning
  • Stored Logic and Database Drift
  • Section 4 - Targeted Rollbacks
  • Liquibase Pro Targeted Rollback Commands
  • Targeted Rollback Commands
  • The Rollback-One-Update Command
  • The Rollback-One-Changeset Command
  • Demonstrating the rollback-one-changeset Command
  • Practice Exercise. Using the rollback-one-changeset Command
  • Section 5 - Native Executors
  • Introduction to Native Executors
  • Benefits of Using Native Executors
  • SQL Plus, SQLCMD, and PSQL Integrations
  • Demonstrating Using SQL Plus and SQLCMD
  • Native Executor Best Practices
  • Course Survey
  • Liquibase Pro Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever