Managing Liquibase Changelogs (LB203)

For users who wish to learn how to apply different tactics and strategies to manage their Liquibase changelogs. Includes how to use labels, contexts, preconditions, and grooming and modifying changelogs.

You will also learn how to organize, exclude, and archive changelogs. There is also a module dedicated to managing changelogs in team environments.
Estimated course length: 1.5 hours.

  • Welcome
  • Welcome to the Managing Liquibase Changelogs Course
  • Technical Environment
  • Learner Knowledge
  • Liquibase Help Resources
  • Liquibase Changelog Fundamentals
  • Components of a Changelog
  • Changelog Formats
  • Liquibase Change Types
  • Demonstrating the Create Table Attribute
  • Changeset Metadata
  • Changeset Metadata Video
  • Using Labels
  • Using Contexts
  • Using Preconditions
  • Additional Liquibase Changeset Attributes
  • Demonstrating Changeset Metadata
  • Practice Activity - Apply Changeset Metadata to Provided Changesets
  • Knowledge Check
  • Changelog Management Strategies
  • Changelog Management Strategies Video
  • Organizing Changelogs
  • Managing Large Changelogs
  • Grooming Changelogs
  • Changelog File Hierarchy Screencast
  • Practice Activity - Fix a Root Changelog
  • Knowledge Check
  • Strategies for Multi-Schema Applications
  • Configuring Liquibase for Multiple Schemas per Environment
  • Demonstrating Configuring Liquibase for Multiple Schemas per Environment
  • Deploying Multi-Schema Changes in an Automation Tool
  • Practice Activity - Analyzing a Changelog
  • Knowledge Check
  • Release Management Strategies
  • Release Management Strategies Video
  • Grouping Changesets During a Release Cycle
  • Modifying Changesets
  • Excluding Changesets
  • Archiving a Changelog
  • Demonstrating Label Strategy
  • Practice Activity - Evaluate a Changelog
  • Knowledge Check
  • Managing Changelogs in Teams
  • Managing Changelogs in a Team Environment
  • Managing Changelogs for a Shared Database for Multiple Teams
  • Managing Changelogs in Complex Application Architectures
  • Practice Activity - Mapping Team Usage of Databases
  • Knowledge Check
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever