Liquibase Commands for Troubleshooting (LB201)

For users who wish to learn more about available Liquibase commands beyond the basics. Includes commands such as list-locks, status, and clear-checksums.
The commands are grouped into functional areas such as preventing and recovering from common errors, monitoring your deployments, and database migrations.

The course includes various practice activities, learning videos, and knowledge checks to help gauge your understanding of the course content. Estimated course length: 1.5 hours.

  • Welcome
  • Welcome to the Liquibase Commands for Troubleshooting Course
  • Technical Environment
  • Learner Knowledge
  • Liquibase Help Resources
  • Preventing Common Errors
  • Types of Common Changelog Errors
  • Using the validate Command
  • Practice Activity: Validate a Changelog
  • Why You Should Validate Rollbacks
  • Auto-generated vs Custom Rollbacks
  • Rolling back vs Fixing Forward Video
  • Using the update-testing-rollback Command
  • Using the future-rollback-sql Command
  • Knowledge Check
  • Recovering from Common Errors
  • Use Cases for Managing Locks
  • Using the list-locks command
  • Using the release-locks command
  • What is a Checksum Video
  • Resolving Errors with Checksums
  • Using the clear-checksums Command
  • Use Cases for Marking Changesets as Ran
  • Using the mark-next-changeset-ran Command
  • Knowledge Check
  • Monitoring your Deployments
  • Use Cases for Checking the Status of Pending Changesets
  • Using the status Command
  • Practice Activity: Checking the Status of Pending Changesets
  • Use Cases for Checking Deployment History
  • Using the history Command
  • Practice Activity: Checking your Deployment History
  • Use Cases for Generating Database Change Documents
  • Using the db-doc Command
  • Knowledge Check
  • Database Migrations
  • Implementing Version-based Database Migrations Video
  • Use Cases for Setting Tags
  • Using Liquibase Tags
  • Using the Rollback by Tag Command
  • Using the update-to-tag Command
  • Knowledge Check
  • Course Survey
  • Liquibase Commands for Troubleshooting Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever