Fundamentals of Liquibase (LB101)
Fundamentals of Liquibase (LB101)
For users who may be new to Liquibase or those who are interested in learning about the core functionality of the tool to track, manage, and deploy database changes. Learn about the most commonly used commands, Liquibase best practices, and a...
Liquibase Certified Practitioner Exam (LB102)
Liquibase Certified Practitioner Exam (LB102)
For users who wish to authenticate their technical ability on the fundamental mechanisms of Liquibase. The certification exam includes questions on how Liquibase connects to the database, creating database changes using XML and formatted SQL...
Liquibase Commands for Troubleshooting (LB201)
Liquibase Commands for Troubleshooting (LB201)
For users who wish to learn more about available Liquibase commands beyond the basics. Includes commands such as list-locks, status, and clear-checksums. The commands are grouped into functional areas such as preventing and recovering from...
Liquibase and the CI/CD Process (LB202)
Liquibase and the CI/CD Process (LB202)
For users who wish to learn the basics of using Liquibase in CI/CD automation. Topics include a review of DevOps, an overview of source control, database testing, and using Liquibase in multiple environments in a CI/CD pipeline.
Managing Liquibase Changelogs (LB203)
Managing Liquibase Changelogs (LB203)
For users who wish to learn how to apply different tactics and strategies to manage their Liquibase changelogs. Includes how to use labels, contexts, preconditions, and grooming and modifying changelogs. You will also learn how to organize,...
Common Liquibase Design Patterns (LB204)
Common Liquibase Design Patterns (LB204)
For users who wish to learn about different Liquibase design patterns. Includes addressing database drift, implementing database guardrails, and utilizing property substitution.
Liquibase Certified Associate Exam (LB205)
Liquibase Certified Associate Exam (LB205)
For users who wish to authenticate their technical ability beyond the fundamental mechanisms of Liquibase. Earning this certification validates an individual’s ability to use Liquibase in more complex projects. This certification exam...
Liquibase Pro (LB301)
Liquibase Pro (LB301)
For new and existing Liquibase users who wish to learn more about Liquibase Pro. Course topics include provisioning Pro capabilities in automation, which rollbacks to use for hotfixes, using native executors, and how to build quality gates into...
Configuring Liquibase Pro for Database Observability (LBP200)
LB Pro Targeted Learning Series
Configuring Liquibase Pro for Database Observability (LBP200)
Database observability provides insight into the performance and behavior of a database system through output logs, monitoring, and analysis. This course will review enabling and configuring Liquibase Pro's default output logs into structured...
Introduction to Liquibase Test Harness (TL101)
Targeted Learning Series
Introduction to Liquibase Test Harness (TL101)
For users who wish to learn how to execute the test harness, create a test, and how to run tests for different database platforms including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

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